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WEBINAR: Migration and return to Guatemala and Central America’s Northern Triangle

Migration between the countries in Central America’s Northern Triangle and the US continues to be a topic of deep national and international interest. Structural challenges in Central American states have deepened, contributing to an increase in migration flows, despite US deportation policies’ serious implications for families in the US, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, alike.

The factors that contribute to migration have been studied extensively in recent years: local economies in protracted crisis, poor social services, public insecurity, risks related to extreme weather, and corruption. On the other hand, the use of mass deportations as a tool to deter migrants has received less attention in academic circles.

Guatemala and the countries in Central America’s Northern Triangle continue to demonstrate that they lack clear public policies to support migrants when they return, accompany or facilitate their reintegration into the labour market, and contribute to improving their quality of life in their communities of origin. As a result, returned migrants return to their communities and face, on the one hand, circumstances similar to those that led them to emigrate in the first place, and on the other, new and severe challenges associated with their status as deportees.

ASIES and DevLab@Duke are organising a webinar to address the challenges linked to social and labour reintegration of migrant returnees, explore its implications in terms of public policies, and discuss possible solutions to the problems that this population suffers.

This event has two objectives:

  • present new research to national and international stakeholders.
  • obtain feedback from practitioners and policymakers on the practical implications of the findings for public policy.

Please note that this event will be held in Spanish.