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Promoting democratic governance

New Collaborative Governance Index

How well did Latin American governments respond to Covid-19? As part of the Colabora.Lat: Towards a New Model of Governance after Covid-19 project, Asuntos del Sur has recently launched a new tool – the Collaborative Governance Index (El Índice de Gobernanza Colaborativa ) – which measures the instances of interaction that the national governments of 24 Latin American countries have had with five types of stakeholders on six Covid-19 political responses.

These are:

  • Collaborative multilevel governance, which involves interactions between national and subnational governments.
  • Institutional collaborative governance, which involves collaboration between national ministries and/or between national and subnational bureaucracies.
  • Collaborative governance in science and technology, which occurs between the national government, independent experts and scientists.
  • Collaborative social governance, which occurs between the national government and social movements and unions.
  • Corporate collaborative governance, which occurs between the national government and private companies.