Covid-19 Responses for Equity (CORE) has now closed. The site is no longer being updated.

Arab hub for social protection from Covid website launched

The Arab Reform Initiative (ARI) has recently launched the ‘Arab Hub for Social Protection from Covid’ website as part of its CORE project on Promoting Resilience in COVID-19 in MENA: Building Inclusive and Effective Social Protection and Safety Nets.

The project is led by a working group of national think tanks and independent media outlets, working across the Arab region with a wide network of like-minded institutions and various stakeholders. The consortium was established in mid-2020 with the aim to promote social justice during and after the Covid-19 pandemic in the Arab region – and particularly in Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon – by examining the existing social protection systems, producing knowledge on who is being excluded from the current systems, and advocating for reforms to include marginalised groups.

The group’s approach to social justice is a rights-based approach that integrates the concepts of sustainable development, leaving-no-one-behind, and gender justice. The aim is to achieve their objective of inclusive and effective social protection by engaging concerned communities in the decision-making processes while providing stakeholders with the critical research needed to inform and consolidate their efforts.

The website has information about the project and features all related publications, blogs, multimedia content, and events.