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WEBINAR: “Sowing Development” project led by RIMISP

After three years of implementation of the Sowing Development project, led by Rimisp, Latin American Center for Rural Development, this webinar will share the research and advocacy results that have been achieved in this time of work.

It will have two panels, which will address, firstly, the research results, while the second discussion will deal with the scope of advocacy.


Both spaces will be attended by leading experts Julio A. Berdegué and Gustavo Gordillo, former FAO regional representatives for Latin America and the Caribbean.

They will be joined by the directors of RIMISP:

  • Carlos Córdoba (Colombia) 
  • Rodrigo Yáñez (Chile)
  • Carol Chehab (Ecuador)

Other speakers include:

  • Ileana Gómez from Fundación Prisma
  • Louise Clark, Institute of Development Studies (IDS)
  • Ricardo Fort, from the Development Analysis Group (GRADE)
  • Ángela Penagos, from the Fund for the Financing of the Agricultural Sector (FINAGRO)