Macro-economic policy
Promoting democratic governance
Supporting essential economic activity

Meet CORE experts who are leading innovative research to build back better

On the third anniversary of the declaration of the pandemic on March 11, 2023, IDRC and CORE released a series of videos which showcased emerging learnings and impacts of the CORE initiative.

The thematic videos feature interviews with nine experts who share findings from their CORE research. They cover economic policy, macroeconomics, women’s reproductive rights, citizen participation, policy and regulatory barriers in Internet access, among others.

These videos represent important themes that have emerged from CORE research across regions and sectors that have profound implications for pandemic preparedness and response in low-and middle-income country settings. The pandemic has had intersectional impacts on people’s lives across the dimensions of livelihoods, social protection, fiscal policy, gender, governance and digital access.

They aim to celebrate the work of some of CORE researchers and their unique contributions to advance evidence-based policymaking related to COVID-19 responses in their own contexts and countries.


Supporting essential economic activity

This video presents results and impacts from three projects on supporting essential economic activity to protect informal businesses and women workers.

The speakers are:

  • Alban Alphone Ahouré, director, Economic Policy Analysis Unit, Ivorian Center for Economic and Social Research 
  • Aditi Vyas, assistant director, Gender Youth and Development, International Centre for Research on Women 
  • Saira Ahmed, director and associate professor, Capital University of Science and Technology 

Promoting inclusive governance

This video highlights lessons and impacts from three projects related to inclusive governance. The speakers are:

  • Florencia Coda, coordinator of Colabora.Lat, Asuntos del Sur 
  • Truphena Mukuna, executive director, Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa 
  • Naome Wandera, deputy director, Africa, International Centre for Research on Women  

Informing policy debates on digitalization

This video showcases findings from a project studying digitalization and the use of digital tools in pandemic responses.

The speakers are:

  • Roxana Barrantes Caceres, professor of Economics, Instituto de Estudios Peruanos 
  • Helani Galpaya, chief executive officer, LIRNEasia 
  • Alison Gillwald, executive director, Research ICT Africa  

Access the full Evidence from COVID-19 Responses for Equity playlist on YouTube. Videos are also available in French. Video credits: Ricci Shryock.